Why It’s Crucial to Service Your Ducted Heater

Did you know that over 84% of Americans have some kind of heater in their homes? But, under 40% of homeowners bother to take them for repairs, servicing, and maintenance.

A ducted heater is an essential machine used to keep your homes warm and cold during winter and summer, respectively. Hence, you should aim to take it for service regularly.

Are you curious about why you need to take the ducted heater for service? Or perhaps what happens during the maintenance check? You are in the right place, read further, and find out more.

Ducted Heating Services 

Many homeowners and users acknowledge that these heaters play a significant role in their homes in temperature control. But they don’t recognize the need to keep it in it’s effective and efficient state as it was brand new.

The ducted heater uses gas or electricity to produce hot air. For that reason, many elements can get caught up, causing damage and other adverse effects. 

gas heater service

Let’s take a look at why ducted heater service is crucial.

Reasons for Servicing Your Ducted Heater 

There are various reasons why you should maintain a cleanup schedule for your ducted heater. They include;

Increase life span – the truth of the matter is without proper care and maintenance, you’re looking at only a few years worth of investment or less. An authentic HVAC system has a life cycle of fifteen years, give or take. With servicing, it could easily be twenty years. 

Optimum potential – even for the human body, it can’t operate to its maximum ability if it’s indisposed. The ducted heater can only go for so long without having a buildup of dust and debris which slows down the functioning of the machine.

Saving costs – it costs cheaper to have a routine check than to have a repair. The cost of the wing to be replaced in the ducted heater could cover two months worth of service.

It’s a requirement – almost everything you buy for use needs cleaning now and then, regardless of what it is. Hence, your ducted heater is no exception.

By this point, you must be convinced that servicing is the best thing for your ducted heater.

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Servicing Procedure

When you request for your service check, certain elements that will need to be reviewed and cleaned. Unlike repair, there’s no fixing and replacement. Hence, the procedure won’t take long.

Gas check – your gas ducted heater is set to emit over two tons of air annually in your home. If it’s poisonous, you are very susceptible to respiratory infections.

Fan assembly – the motor that runs the fan has to be cleaned off the accumulated dust.

● Ignition – checking for a proper ignition system and adjusting for the spark.

Flame sensor – where the cold air is heated can also have debris which has to be cleaned up.

Pressure – the air pressure has to be tested for obstruction and proper airflow. 

Capacitor – the controls of the motor has to be reviewed to be running within the range.

Flue – the area where harmful gases are left to escape, has to be checked for effectiveness.

Cable connection– it’s dangerous to have open wiring since it operates on electricity.

Functionality test – the entire heater has to be serviced for funny noises or damages. 

Professionals will ensure to return the heater in a perfectly clean state.

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