Leave Your TV Outlet Installation To The Professionals

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You are all excited about your new HDTV as you can finally enjoy your favourite movies and shows in brighter colours and vivid and accurate pictures. The only dampening aspect of getting a new HDTV is it’s installation as it has to be properly installed, preferably by an electrical specialist for maximum safety and enjoyment.

One of the appealing aspects of flat-panel TVs is its wall installation with concealed wiring. All the electrical and television signal wires have to pass through the walls and into the concealed junction boxes behind the mounting bracket. It’s a professional technician who ensures the TV outlet installation is properly fit against the wall, with a minimally visible wiring.

The right position

While home decor magazines portray a sleek, flat panel TV mounted over a fireplace it’s not the best location for your TV. There is the risk of your TV catching fire if you have a wood-burning fireplace.

Besides, the fire generates heat and smoke which is not good for your TV. However, things are different with a gas fireplace as they usually have vents for heat dispersal so there is no risk of the heat reaching your TV.


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You and your electrician will have to decide on the best option for your HDTV. It should be preferably mounted at eye level when you are seated as you strain your neck if it’s mounted too high.

Remember that plasma flat panels give a more consistent picture quality when viewed from the side. However the blacks in liquid crystal screens tend to turn grey, and colours shift to different tones if viewed from the side.

That’s why your electrician will suggest mounting your television as close to your normal line of sight while seated, and not at an angle as this is when the picture is clearest. If you have to mount your TV a bit higher, your electrician may suggest using a tilting wall mount to help angle the TV downwards.


Once the spot is decided, your electrician will mark the bracket spot by aligning two vertical studs in the wall. They will then cut an outlet-sized hole at the outlet’s height towards the base of the wall.

This is usually a foot from the floor and it is through this hole that signals cables pass from the equipment back to the TV’s back. Your technician will then use nose plates to terminate and conceal both junction boxes and let the cables pop out unobstructed.

Following the code

According to code, you need to have a metal junction box installed for the AC wire. Your electrical repair technician will either run the AC wire from the service panel in your home’s lower level to the new outlet’s location or install a kit that jumps a nearby outlet to service the new outlet behind your television.

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These kits comprise of the necessary new outlets and the Romex and extension cords needed for installation. It, however, is against the code to pass an extension cord or the TV”s power cord directly through the wall as the code accepts only shielded or unshielded Romex for in-wall use.

As so much goes into the proper TV outlet installation of your new HDTV, it’s imperative that you hire professional technicians to complete the job instead of you attempting to do it on your own.