How Do I Fix My Air Conditioner Without Involving The Expensive Service Providers?

This is the question everyone asks when their air conditioner breaks down or shows signs of slow performance when broke. And to answer it correctly, it is important first lay a disclaimer that regardless of your financial situation, there only remains a small list of AC repairs you can fix. If you are planning on enjoying the services of your current AC into foreseeable future, consider consulting an expert for every repair exercise as such could be indicators of a serious underlying problem especially if they keep recurring.

Nonetheless, here are some basic AC repair services you can attempt without involving an expert.

  1. The condenser is overheating and always breaking down

Most air conditioners have thermostats that are programmed to automatically switch off once they overheat to avoid self-damage. If this happens, reduce the set temperatures by five degrees and then try switching it back on while repeating the process if it doesn’t work. Nonetheless, frequent breakdowns might be a sign of a more serious problem such as accumulation of dust and dirt particles in the filters or within the thermostat thus blocking air circulation.

In such case, you need to replace the filter and blow the dust out of the thermostat with a pressure can. These two problems can, however, be avoided by regularly cleaning the thermostat and replacing the filters every four weeks. If in doubt call for some local air con repairs.

  1. The vents don’t supply air to the house

What happens when your condenser is running, but there is no supply of air to the home. Such a case can only be caused by extremely clogged filters and ventilation, or the thermostat isn’t running. Fortunately, you can rectify both cases. The only lasting solution with the filters and ventilation is replacing them while the thermostat problem only needs a hard reset.

If the thermostat isn’t running, check whether it is plugged in or the state of its batteries. In most cases, replacing the battery or switching it off for a while and then back on resets it and gets it back to a functional state. However, if neither of these processes works, call for professional domestic air conditioning help.

  1. The condenser keeps shutting down abruptly

Sometimes the condenser will be well powered but won’t supply you sufficiently cold air or nothing at all and still keeps switching off. Most probably, the problem here is pressure build-up within the system ventilation as a result of an accumulation of dirt. In such a scenario, switch off the power and remove the filters. Try to sweep off as much dirt as you can from the ducts before further washing them off with pressured water from a horse. Do the same to the filters before switching on power to the condenser and thermostat. Without the dirt, the condenser breakdowns should cease thereby reverting to their operational efficiency.

Remember only to try out any system fixes when confident you can hack them. Also, note that some parts of the conditioner like the thermostats are quite delicate is quite subtle and seemingly simple damages may prompt costly replacements. You are always advised to consult expert opinion before attempting any DIY repair project as it is illogical to cause expensive replacements to the systems while trying to save on inexpensive maintenance.