DIY Repairs For Ducted Heating System

Whether searching for a replacement to the existing heating system or looking to install one, ducted heating is always on the top of most people’s lists; however, what really is it and the so-called benefits of using it at home?

A ducted heating system is probably the most used and installed heating system in the house. While there are the alternative ones like home insulation, split system or reverse cycle, wood fire heaters, and plug-in heaters, the ducted heating stands out among the rest as this system provides you benefits that the others don’t offer. The unit is a big money saver, energy-efficient, and the best thing is, you won’t have to worry if the system will complement your home’s interior design, because it’s not tricky to deal with, plus most of its designs give off a modern feel.

This type of heating system makes use of ducts (thus the name) for the transportation of heat in the given area. Aside from insulated ducts, the system is composed of a heating unit and thermostat; the ducts let you transport the heat from the heater to the given areas or rooms in the house, while the thermostat lets you set the temperature of your preference.

How does ducted heating work?

It’s pretty simple: the heating of the unit system will initiate the transportation of air from the room to through its vents or grilles. After that, the air will be transferred through the heater, and once the system detects that it’s warm enough, the air is then circulated back to the room through the system ducts. The process goes on until the user’s desired temperature is reached.

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How can you do the ducted heating repair by yourself?

As easy as how this system may seem to work, it may come pretty rough once it stops working or it gets a little trippy, signaling you to do some repairs. To begin with, doing repairs when you have no basic knowledge or without professional supervision isn’t recommended; this may lead to spending a huge amount of money (for tools), an unfixable and broken ducted heating or worse, accidents. You don’t want that to happen, do you? This is why there are a lot of companies that offer repair and maintenance services for such home equipments. This may come a little bit expensive, depending on what’s to be repaired in the system, but you won’t want to spend another set of money to buy a new unit. However, to keep those repairmen away for a long time, here are some helpful tips you might want to take note of:

1. Clean the filters.

Clogged air filters can usually reduce the efficiency promised by the unit. With all the potential components that are scattered in the atmosphere of your house that may block the ducts, it will be pretty hard for your heating system to actually do a great job with heating up your place. Schedule a regular cleaning to make sure this issue is handled every now and then. Additionally, you can go for filter replacements twice a year.

2. Inspect the ducts for possible leaks.

This is also one of the factors that cause efficiency reduction. A thorough leak inspection is necessary as even the smallest leaks can lead to heat and energy wastage in the system. If you find leaks, it’s best that you tell a ducted heating service provider and let them do the job.

3. Make a schedule for the system’s maintenance.

As usual, maintenance services may cost you a lot, but it’s nothing compared when you need to replace your ducted heating. This is very important as this is where you’ll know potential problems in the unit; this way you’ll be able to take action on it to avoid anything from getting worse.