Common Air Conditioning Problems

It’s summer in Florida, and the temperature is soaring. You wonder if moving here from Brooklyn was such a nice idea after all. The Keys are skirting around the 80-90 degree range, but where you live it is touching a 100. Going outside is not an option unless you want sweaty armpits, or worse, a heatstroke. You decide to stay indoors, play games, watch movies, and in general, just chill with a soda or a beer. You turn the air-conditioning on, but you aren’t really feeling the cold air. Sweat on your forehead is glistening and trickling down your face by now.

A broken air conditioning unit can be a problem. The main problem is that it’s not that easy to repair as it consists of tricky parts which can only be looked at by a licensed, certified technician. But what’s more frustrating is that the HVAC technician could take a couple days to arrive, and still charge north of $250 for air conditioning repair. Are you willing to part with that sort of money? Or are you willing to put in some hard work?

There is some issues air conditioning units face which you can take care of, at home. At least you can get enough knowledge about your appliance, and eliminate some problems right off the bat. So you can tell if the repair technician is tricking you into spending more money on small parts or not. You just need some hardware.

The Central AC unit normally consists of two parts – one is the external condenser unit, and the other is an A-coil (or the evaporator coil). The internal refrigerant takes hot air from your home and sends it to the condenser outside.

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Below are some common problems Air conditioning units face and ways you can do air conditioning repair yourself.

The Furnace Fan

First of all, check if your thermostat is in the AC mode. Bring down the temperature setting. Then, wait for the furnace fan to run. If the fan does run, then the issue is something else. If the fan doesn’t run, however, then try to reset the circuit breaker. If the above steps fail, you might have to call a repair technician.

Clogged Filters

Filter clogging is one of the most common problems air conditioning units face. Clogging causes restricted airflow. It’s a simple matter of cleaning the filters before you get cold air again. Alternatively, you can completely turn off the power, and install new filters as well.


There are capacitors present inside the AC units. A capacitor is an electrical device which stores electricity and releases it towards the motors to give them power. If the AC capacitor is not working or has degraded slowly, you might face problems with cooling. Capacitor failing causes extra load on the compressor and the condenser. Capacitors are also very cheap and easily available. Check the model of your AC capacitor and buy a new one. You can even replace it yourself. All you have to do is figure out the initial wirings. Disconnect the power supply, discharge the capacitor, remove the old capacitor by individually plucking the wires (using a plier), and install the new one.

Eliminate the above problems and see whether your AC is working or not.