Air Conditioning Service Helps to Reduce Electricity Bills

Tired of your air conditioner blowing out hot air? Do you notice a strong, foul smell coming from the AC? If this is the case, it could be that your air conditioner is long overdue for an air conditioning service in western Sydney.

One of the first things checked while servicing is the thermostat. It has to be properly calibrated to an accurate temperature control and operating cycle for maximum comfort and optimal working efficiency.

Reduce utility bills

If you had noticed a slight increase in your electricity bills, it may be because of improper or insufficient refrigerant. This can damage your compressor and reduce the working efficiency of your air conditioner to eventually lead to expensive air conditioning repairs. The right refrigerant charge prolongs the life of your air conditioner unit and helps reduce your utility bills.

Another reason for increased electricity bills is a dirty outer condenser unit which reduces your air conditioning system’s ability at cooling your home. It makes your system run longer which may eventually lead to a system failure. This can be rectified by cleaning the condenser coil as it helps induce proper heat rejection to lower your energy bills and reduce running time.

Central air conditioning service also involves lubricating the unit’s moving parts to prevent air conditioner repairs and increased electricity bills. The bills increase because of the additional power the unit requires to overcome the resistance created by poorly lubricated motors and drive shafts. With its proper lubrication, the air conditioner works smoothly, lasts longer and leads to less air conditioner repairs.

Provides better dehumidification

All the dirt and dust which the AC filter prevents from entering your home clings to the AC’s cold, moist coil. This restricts the airflow through the coil which in turn reduces the unit’s performance and capacity.

air con service

A well maintained and clean coil ensures the delivery of proper air flow throughout your home, increases comfort levels and also provides better dehumidification. This is why it’s better to have your air filter inspected and changed on a monthly basis to help prevent air conditioner repairs and provide for a healthier and cleaner environment.

It is the condensate drain line which drains all the condensation created when warm air passes over a cold coil in the process of removing heat from your home. The drain has to be periodically checked and cleaned as there is a chance of algae and foreign particles clogging the drain. Regular cleaning helps prevent any potential overflow problems and water damage to your home’s ceiling and floors while proper draining helps maintain the right indoor humidity levels.

Prevents sinus and allergy attacks

Dirty blower wheels can limit your unit’s cooling and comfort capacity, and also spreads the dust particles which can trigger sinus and allergies. Cleaning and servicing the blower wheel and fan motor helps maximise airflow for improved cooling and comfort levels.

Residential air conditioning service involves regular checking of the air conditioner’s electrical parts for signs of wear and tear. As any faulty parts can lead to expensive repairs, it can be avoided by replacing worn out parts as soon as possible.