A Comparison of the Servicing Costs between Different Heater units

A heating/ cooling system that is routinely serviced and maintained will definitely run better and last you longer. A poorly maintained one, on the other hand, will be inefficient, be prone to break down and use more energy. It could also become dirty and unhealthy.

Ongoing and regular maintenance also gives you a piece of mind when you know that your heater is reliable and will always perform at its optimum capacity. According to the manufacturer’s advice, maintenance of the different heater units should be performed at least once every year.

Split System

For split service units, the cost of maintenance will vary depending on the size and type of equipment, although it is not really expensive. To service a single unit of the split system air conditioner, you will be required to pay around $199. Maintaining a split system unit is not only important to its life but also to the health and cleanliness of your home.

Ducted Units

From time to time, a ducted Air Circulation System will require preventative maintenance service for a smooth operation. As the naturally-occurring dust in your home builds up slowly in the inlets, fan and outlets of your Ducted Air Circulation system, its performance will start to diminish.

To professionally service your Ducted Air Circulation unit, the fee will be around $150 Inclusive of GST + travel. There will be an addition of $75 if you have to replace the filter unit called a filter sock.

Reverse Cycle

A one-year maintenance schedule is to be maintained for a typical home reverse cycle unit.

The servicing costs majorly depend on the following.

  • The energy efficiency of the system
  • The construction plan of your home (level of insulation, floor plan, size of windows, etc.)
  • How long the system is operated
  • The size and type of your system
  • The electricity tariff you are using

Servicing Cost Information

It is impossible to provide detailed information about the servicing costs of panel heaters because of the many variables to be considered – for instance the electricity tariff you are using, the amount of time that the heater will stay on, the setting that the thermostat will be working on, etc – all the factors should be considered when determining the servicing cost of the panel heaters as well as other heating systems.

Depending on fuel choice, maintaining a heating system might significantly add to the total cost of running the system. It is therefore very important to put into consideration the probable impact of maintenance costs as well as any safety check requirements, during the lifetime of your system. Since the electric heating has relatively few moving parts with no risk of combustion, it is extremely safe and reliable and does not need regular maintenance. On the other hand, boiler based systems should be serviced regularly. They should actually receive an annual safety check. All in all, whether a system is new or old, professional servicing is necessary especially to check unsafe carbon monoxide levels.