4 types of home services that are in demand

Home services industry consists of businesses whose purpose is to work on homes. This home service industry is growing. Now there is more opportunity due to online and mobile booking services. Here are the major types of home services that people demand.


Carpet is a popular floor covering for residential buildings. It accounts for 50% of the market. Hardwood floors are also getting popular. Thousands of workers are working on the floor covering the sector, and this market is projected to grow 5% by 2024. In this type of home service, seasonality is an issue. Most homes are sold in summer; so flooring work is needed right after a home is sold. The flooring market is tied to the real estate market. So, if there is a downturn in the real estate market, then the flooring market will be affected too.


The HVAC, plumbing, air conditioning, and ventilation contractors are usually grouped together as an industry. Plumbers install and repair kitchen and bathroom; HVAC contractors install and repair air conditioning. There is a huge job opportunity in this field. Both old and new homes need this service, and at the moment there is a lack of appropriate professionals.


Landscaping means clearing leaves, mowing, lawn caring, etc. This service is seasonal. Landscaping services are mostly needed during the spring and summer months.

Moving and storage

This industry includes local moving companies, interstate moving companies, and even international moving companies. This industry is seasonal as most moves are made in summer. The local economic condition can have a major effect on this business.

These home services are always on demand. Whether the house is new or old, whether you have just moved in or lived for years, you will need these services. There are many home service companies out there who will give you excellent service.