Never Forget These 5 Things When Hiring An Electrical Contractor Melbourne

Because of the dangers involved, electrical work is not something that you should joke around with. A slight mistake might mean see your property razed down or your family/ friends might start planning your funeral. Rather than go through the worst, it’s better to take advantage of the expertise of a certified electrical contractor Melbourne.

Searching for an electrician leads you to numerous options. Because you cannot work with all of them, you must compare services offered by different professionals to land on the best. During the hiring process, there are things you must not forget such as:

1.Certifications, Accreditation, And Registration

The first step is to ensure the electrician Bentleigh you want to work with has all the proper qualifications that are needed to offer the service. Ask for proof of certifications, accreditations, and registration with relevant bodies to confirm that the technician indeed has the right to handle the responsibilities laid before him/her. You can use websites such as licensed trades to check the authenticity of their papers.

2.Go Through Relevant Reviews

To know that you are in the right hands, it is important to find out what the contractor you want to hire has been up to. Read through various reviews online to know if the electrical contractor Melbourne offered excellent services to his/her clients in the past.

Do not be satisfied with what you read online. Go a step further to ask for references and call up the clients just to be sure that the electrician did not cook up the reviews.

3.Agree To A Quote Not A Rough Estimate

Before the electrician starts working on anything, ensure that you do not agree to a rough estimate, but a quote.

The quote should be well detailed, including actual prices, details of the task at hand, and a reasonable payment schedule. The fee schedule should outline any deposit that you have made and a payment calendar. It is important as it helps to avoid any misunderstandings when the electrician is doing their job.

Be on the lookout for any red flags that might read you are going to be exploited.

4.Get An Electrician Who Prioritises Your Needs

The professional you opt to work with should listen to what you want. You do not want to hire someone who cannot attend to your services right away. Stay away from professionals who tell you that they are only available after weeks.

Even when it is not an emergency, the professional should start work right away so that you can continue your life without too many problems.

5.Do Not Go For The Cheapest Option

Avoid the electrical contractor Melbourne who offers the lowest rates. Read through the quotes keenly to get the person who is best suited for the job. Most of the time the contractors who offer the lowest rates end up doing a shoddy job which means you have to hire another competent electrician to clean up the mess. However, it does not mean that you should look for the most expensive as you may end up paying more for nothing.

Check Quick Spark for more information.

What is an Electric Oil Heater?

It’s that time of the year again when the days and nights get considerably colder as winter comes along. And with the onset of colder weather comes the need for additional or supplemental heating for your home.

Many options are currently available, but the electric oil heater is one that has been gaining popularity of late.

What is an Electric Oil Heater?

Also known as an oil-filled heater, column heater or oil-filled radiator, an electric oil heater uses convection heating and uses electricity instead of fuel burning to produce heat. The oil, in fact, is actually just used a heat reservoir, and not actually as fuel.

What are the Advantages of an Electric Oil Heater?

  1. A column heater is energy efficient.

An oil-filled heater has low wattage, so it won’t dramatically increase your electricity bill after every use. These heaters are able to generate a considerable amount of heat with minimal electricity, making them ideal for office and home settings.

  1. An oil-filled radiator is safe to use, even for long periods of time.

Because these heaters have low wattage, they are less likely to overheat. They can be used continuously for long hours with no risk of overheating.

  1. Electric Oil Heaters are kid and pet-friendly.

Operating a heater around the house where kids and pets constantly roam around can be nerve-wracking, but not with a column heater. Unlike other kinds of heaters, the exterior of an electric oil heater doesn’t heat up with use, so you don’t run the risk of kids or pets running around, brushing against the heater, and hurting themselves.

  1. A column heater is portable.

If you have several rooms in your home that need supplemental heating at different times of the day, you can easily move around a column heater between rooms, as most models come with an integrated wheel base. They are lightweight, so you can even move them around between floors, with some units weighing as little as ten pounds, possibly even less!

  1. An electric oil heater doesn’t emit carbon monoxide

An oil-filled radiator does not actually burn oil, so it doesn’t emit a dangerous gas like carbon monoxide. Unlike other heaters, in particular, propane heaters, the use of an electric oil heater won’t run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  1. A column heater is easy to use

An electric oil heater comes complete with various digital controls, including a timer, a thermostat that can be adjusted, and various heat settings. It also has an auto shut-off function for safety.

  1. An electric oil heater doesn’t require constant maintenance

As they are modern appliances with few components, a column heater doesn’t require regular heater maintenance. In the rare event when it malfunctions, manufacturers often provide warranties that would cover basic repairs.

A common misconception about oil-filled heaters is that the heating oil it contains need to be refilled or replaced, which is actually not the case, as this oil is never burned or used up. A column heater is expected to last you many years, working effectively without the need for any sort of repair, making them a very convenient appliance to have around the home.

DIY Air Conditioner Cleaning

A dependable air conditioner is an integral part of any home until it starts to malfunction. Very often, and usually out of the blue, your air conditioner just stops doing what it’s supposed to do, and it’s suddenly not the reliable appliance that cools your home to a nice, perfect temperature anymore.

When this happens most homeowners think it’s a case of their air conditioner being low on refrigerant, but this is not the only possible cause of this problem. More often than not, in fact, when your air conditioner can’t seem to blow cool air anymore, it’s because several of its many parts have been clogged by dirt.

Just like any other home appliance, your air conditioner needs regular cleaning and maintenance, and while there are experts and companies who can provide you with this service, cleaning your air conditioner unit yourself can be a less costly alternative – if you do it right. Read on to learn more about DIY air conditioner cleaning.   

  1. Prepare your tools and cleaning materials

Don’t get any work done on your air conditioner without having all of your equipment and materials in one place first. The basic items you will need for AC cleaning include the following:

  • Screwdrivers and other tools to help you open up and disassemble your air conditioner
  • Rags and towels
  • Your choice of cleaning product
  • A handheld vacuum
  • A hose connected to a water source
  1. Turn off and unplug the air conditioner unit

Before you start to open and inspect your air conditioner, be sure it has been shut off, and unplugged. Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to dealing with electrical appliances.

  1. Turn your attention to the filter

Start with the easiest portion to clean – the air filter. This is an air conditioner’s first line of defence against airborne dirt and foreign particles. Remove the air filter from the unit, take it outdoors and shake off all the dirt that’s clung to it. If that isn’t enough, use the vacuum to ensure you’ve cleaned it thoroughly. Depending on your air conditioner model, you can also choose to hose down the filter, but be sure to let it completely dry first before installing it back to your unit. Finally, if your filter is beyond cleaning, replacing it with a new one can also be an option.

  1. Clean the fan coil

Pick up your screwdriver to disassemble the air conditioner so you can get to the fan coil of your indoor unit. It’s important to keep this part of the air conditioner clean as it is largely responsible for blowing cool air. To clean the fan coil, use your preferred cleaning solution and spray lightly. Wait for a few minutes before rinsing the fan coil with water, which should easily be drained from the drip pan. Make sure the fan coil has dried from all the rinsing before assembling the air conditioner back.  

  1. Head outside to clean the condenser coil

If your air conditioner model has an outdoor unit, be sure to clean the condenser coil found inside it, and clean it in a similar way to how you cleaned your indoor unit’s fan coil.

4 types of home services that are in demand

Home services industry consists of businesses whose purpose is to work on homes. This home service industry is growing. Now there is more opportunity due to online and mobile booking services. Here are the major types of home services that people demand.


Carpet is a popular floor covering for residential buildings. It accounts for 50% of the market. Hardwood floors are also getting popular. Thousands of workers are working on the floor covering the sector, and this market is projected to grow 5% by 2024. In this type of home service, seasonality is an issue. Most homes are sold in summer; so flooring work is needed right after a home is sold. The flooring market is tied to the real estate market. So, if there is a downturn in the real estate market, then the flooring market will be affected too.


The HVAC, plumbing, air conditioning, and ventilation contractors are usually grouped together as an industry. Plumbers install and repair kitchen and bathroom; HVAC contractors install and repair air conditioning. There is a huge job opportunity in this field. Both old and new homes need this service, and at the moment there is a lack of appropriate professionals.


Landscaping means clearing leaves, mowing, lawn caring, etc. This service is seasonal. Landscaping services are mostly needed during the spring and summer months.

Moving and storage

This industry includes local moving companies, interstate moving companies, and even international moving companies. This industry is seasonal as most moves are made in summer. The local economic condition can have a major effect on this business.

These home services are always on demand. Whether the house is new or old, whether you have just moved in or lived for years, you will need these services. There are many home service companies out there who will give you excellent service.

5 Reasons to hire professional cleaning service for home

Cleaning the home is a very tough job. You need to clean home every second day for the amount of dirt and dust that accumulate in the house. If you have kids, then you should clean your home more often. People often spend long hours on Sunday or any other holiday cleaning their home. There are many professional home cleaning services available now. You should hire these cleaning services for the following reasons.

1. They will do a thorough cleaning of the house. They will make sure that your carpet is vacuumed, surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. It will ensure that no dust mites or allergens are present.

2. You won’t have to spend your Sunday for cleaning anymore. You can spend some quality time with your family instead. You can make special dinner or watch movies together.

3. A professional cleaner has the best technology and cleaning products to use. As they are experts in the field, they know about the latest cleaning products. With so many cleaning products and equipment in the market, it can be confusing to buy the right one. The professional cleaners know about these products and technology well. They will use them in the right places.

4. If the house is not cleaned properly, germs, insects, dust mites, and rodents will appear. Many household vacuum cleaners don’t have the technology to pick up dust mites or other small allergen particles from carpets, sofas or beds. The professional cleaners will have the right technology to pick up the smallest particles.

5. Professional cleaners won’t overlook any area of the house. They know where to look for dirt and dust. They will reach places where we may never do to clean dirt.

You should get your home cleaned by professionals at least once of twice a year. If you can afford, you should do it more regularly. Professional cleaners will keep your home clean and germ-free.

3 digital marketing tips for home service providers

Whichever home service you want, the only thing these companies are concerned about is being the first one on the list. If your customer cannot find you quickly, then you must know that there is something wrong with your marketing strategy. Here are some digital marketing tips for home service providers.

Target your marketing

You shouldn’t waste money by advertising in remote locations. You should focus on targeted marketing to your service area only. You can advertise on Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This will align your ads to specific locations, job titles and hobbies. You should optimise online community sites such as HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Yelp, Craigslist, etc. These sites let the customers review your services. Reviews are the key to more customers.

Go local

You can become a member of the local chamber of commerce or the Better Business Bureau. You should research on some local networking events and take the opportunity for community participation. You can place ads on local publications and offer sponsorships for community events like races and charity auctions. You should provide discounts to community organisations like the museum, schools, etc.

Monitor your marketing efforts

If you are using direct mail as a marketing tool, you should provide a unique phone number and form a unique landing page on your site so that you can monitor the marketing activity. This way you can find out your exact ROI.

Besides these, you should follow trends, be aware of what your competitors are doing and focus on providing excellent customer service. If your customers are happy, they will give recommendations to others, and you will have more customers.

How Do I Fix My Air Conditioner Without Involving The Expensive Service Providers?

This is the question everyone asks when their air conditioner breaks down or shows signs of slow performance when broke. And to answer it correctly, it is important first lay a disclaimer that regardless of your financial situation, there only remains a small list of AC repairs you can fix. If you are planning on enjoying the services of your current AC into foreseeable future, consider consulting an expert for every repair exercise as such could be indicators of a serious underlying problem especially if they keep recurring.

Nonetheless, here are some basic AC repair services you can attempt without involving an expert.

  1. The condenser is overheating and always breaking down

Most air conditioners have thermostats that are programmed to automatically switch off once they overheat to avoid self-damage. If this happens, reduce the set temperatures by five degrees and then try switching it back on while repeating the process if it doesn’t work. Nonetheless, frequent breakdowns might be a sign of a more serious problem such as accumulation of dust and dirt particles in the filters or within the thermostat thus blocking air circulation.

In such case, you need to replace the filter and blow the dust out of the thermostat with a pressure can. These two problems can, however, be avoided by regularly cleaning the thermostat and replacing the filters every four weeks. If in doubt call for some local air con repairs.

  1. The vents don’t supply air to the house

What happens when your condenser is running, but there is no supply of air to the home. Such a case can only be caused by extremely clogged filters and ventilations, or the thermostat isn’t running. Fortunately, you can rectify both cases. The only lasting solution with the filters and ventilation is replacing them while the thermostat problem only needs a hard reset.

If the thermostat isn’t running, check whether it is plugged in or the state of its batteries. In most cases, replacing the battery or switching it off for a while and then back on resets it and gets it back to a functional state. However, if neither of these processes works, call for professional domestic air conditioning help.

  1. The condenser keeps shutting down abruptly

Sometimes the condenser will be well powered but won’t supply you sufficiently cold air or nothing at all and still keeps switching off. Most probably, the problem here is pressure build-up within the system ventilations as a result of an accumulation of dirt. In such a scenario, switch off the power and remove the filters. Try to sweep off as much dirt as you can from the ducts before further washing them off with pressured water from a horse. Do the same to the filters before switching on power to the condenser and thermostat. Without the dirt, the condenser breakdowns should cease thereby reverting to their operational efficiency.

Remember only to try out any system fixes when confident you can hack them. Also, note that some parts of the conditioner like the thermostats are quite delicate are quite subtle and seemingly simple damages may prompt costly replacements. You are always advised to consult expert opinion before attempting any DIY repair project as it is illogical to cause expensive replacements to the systems while trying to save on inexpensive maintenance.

Air conditioning service helps reduce electricity bills

Tired of your air conditioner blowing out hot air? Do you notice a strong, foul smell coming from the AC? If this is the case, it could be that your air conditioner is long overdue for an air conditioner service in western Sydney.

One of the first things checked while servicing is the thermostat. It has to be properly calibrated to an accurate temperature control and operating cycle for maximum comfort and optimal working efficiency.

Reduce utility bills

If you had noticed a slight increase in your electricity bills, it may be because of improper or insufficient refrigerant. This can damage your compressor and reduce the working efficiency of your air conditioner to eventually lead to expensive air conditioning repairs. The right refrigerant charge prolongs the life of your air conditioner unit and helps reduce your utility bills.

Another reason for increased electricity bills is a dirty outer condenser unit which reduces your air conditioning system’s ability at cooling your home. It makes your system run longer which may eventually lead to a system failure. This can be rectified by cleaning the condenser coil as it helps induce proper heat rejection to lower your energy bills and reduce running time.

Central air conditioning system servicing also involves lubricating the unit’s moving parts to prevent air conditioner repairs and increased electricity bills. The bills increase because of the additional power the unit requires to overcome the resistance created by poorly lubricated motors and drive shafts. With its proper lubrication, the air conditioner works smoothly, lasts longer and leads to less air conditioner repairs.

Provides better dehumidification

All the dirt and dust which the AC filter prevents from entering your home clings to the AC’s cold, moist coil. This restricts the airflow through the coil which in turn reduces the unit’s performance and capacity.

A well maintained and clean coil ensures the delivery of proper air flow throughout your home, increases comfort levels and also provides better dehumidification. This is why it’s better to have your air filter inspected and changed on a monthly basis to help prevent air conditioner repairs and provide for a healthier and cleaner environment.

It is the condensate drain line which drains all the condensation created when warm air passes over a cold coil in the process of removing heat from your home. The drain has to be periodically checked and cleaned as there is a chance of algae and foreign particles clogging the drain. Regular cleaning helps prevent any potential overflow problems and water damage to your home’s ceiling and floors while proper draining helps maintain the right indoor humidity levels.

Prevents sinus and allergy attacks

Dirty blower wheels can limit your unit’s cooling and comfort capacity, and also spreads the dust particles which can trigger sinus and allergies. Cleaning and servicing the blower wheel and fan motor helps maximise airflow for improved cooling and comfort levels.

Residential air conditioning servicing involves regular checking of the air conditioner’s electrical parts for signs of wear and tear. As any faulty parts can lead to expensive repairs, it can be avoided by replacing worn out parts as soon as possible.

A Comparison of the Servicing Costs between Different Heater units

A heating/ cooling system that is routinely serviced and maintained will definitely run better and last you longer. A poorly maintained one, on the other hand, will be inefficient, be prone to breakdown and use more energy. It could also become dirty and unhealthy.

Ongoing and regular maintenance also gives you a piece of mind when you know that your heater is reliable and will always perform at its optimum capacity. According to the manufacturer’s advice, maintenance of the different heater units should be performed at least once every year.

Split System

For split service units, the cost of maintenance will vary depending on the size and type of equipment, although it is not really expensive. To service a single unit of the split system air conditioner, you will be required to pay around $199. Maintaining a split system unit is not only important to its life but also to the health and cleanliness of your home.

Ducted Units

From time to time, a ducted Air Circulation System will require preventative maintenance service for a smooth operation. As the naturally-occurring dust in your home builds up slowly in the inlets, fan and outlets of your Ducted Air Circulation system, its performance will start to diminish.

To professionally service your Ducted Air Circulation unit, the fee will be around $150 Inclusive of GST + travel. There will be an additional of $75 if you have to replace the filter unit called a filter sock.

Reverse Cycle

A one-year maintenance schedule is to be maintained for a typical home reverse cycle unit.

The servicing costs majorly depend on the following.

  • The energy efficiency of the system
  • The construction plan of your home (level of insulation, floor plan, size of windows, etc.)
  • How long the system is operated
  • The size and type of your system
  • The electricity tariff you are using

Servicing Cost Information

It is impossible to provide detailed information about the servicing costs of panel heaters because of the many variables to be considered – for instance the electricity tariff you are using, the amount of time that the heater will stay on, the setting that the thermostat will be working on, etc – all the factors should be considered when determining the servicing cost of the panel heaters as well as other heating systems.

Depending on fuel choice, maintaining a heating system might significantly add to the total cost of running the system. It is therefore very important to put into consideration the probable impact of maintenance costs as well as any safety check requirements, during the lifetime of your system. Since the electric heating has relatively few moving parts with no risk of combustion, it is extremely safe and reliable and does not need regular maintenance. On the other hand, boiler based systems should be serviced regularly. They should actually receive an annual safety check. All in all, whether a system is new or old, professional servicing is necessary especially to check unsafe carbon monoxide levels.

Heater Repair Companies In Australia Need Great SEO Campaigns

Have you taken a look at how many heater repair companies are all around the country? The odds are yours might be stuck behind many others on a typical search engine. People might search for heater repair companies in Australia and they may come across dozens before getting to yours.

That’s what makes a great SEO campaign all the more important. You need to establish a proper campaign to make your site really stand out and be easier to spot.

What Can Your SEO Campaign Do?

The key part of an SEO campaign is to make a search engine notice your website sooner. Your campaign can work with many processes relating to getting your page to be noticeable:

  • You can get more content submitted to a search engine. This includes content like your location, contact information and hours of operation.
  • A new description or title tag may also be listed. This can include the proper keywords you want to target.
  • You can even get your URL adjusted to feature keywords and other points relating to what you want people to search for.

You can do this no matter where your heater repair business is based out of. You can use keywords relating to your location, heater brands you support and much more. All of this helps to give your site a better chance of being found on a typical search.

Even Your Website Can Change

One unique part of an SEO campaign that deserves to be noticed involves how you can get your own website to change as needed. While getting the features that a search engine will directly reveal can help, there are many other things that can be done:

  • Your site can be organised with links that move to relevant and legitimate sources.
  • You can also add unique content to your site. It doesn’t have to be filled with particular keywords. It just has to be unique, creative and thoughtful.
  • A site can also be arranged to where it will be easier to search through. That is, all dead links will be removed and a clear site map will be organised.
  • Anything that helps to make a site load up faster will especially be welcome. This is due to how many search engines can penalise sites that take forever to load up.
  • Don’t forget to consider proper tags for videos, pictures and other media items that can be added to the site.

The things that can be done on a website can certainly vary. By working with a proper SEO campaign, you might find it easier for your site to load up and be easier to use. This can not only make your site visible on a search engine but also more appealing for a variety of people who want to use it and get various things off of it.

You must make sure that your SEO campaign is checked upon with care so you’ll have all the support that you need in order to be successful. A great SEO campaign can provide you with all the viewers that you might want to get while also making your heating repair business stand out.